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Why is maintenance needed


Just like any other passive fire protection system, it is essential for a fire door to perform as intended in the event of a fire. Any slight alteration to the door or its surroundings can affect the performance. As such, a fire door should be regularly checked to ensure it functions correctly and will perform to its designed standard in the event of a fire.

Periodic checks should be carried out at least once every six months although newly occupied buildings may require more frequent checks in the first year of use. Plus, Where the fire door is in high use, it should be checked more frequently than other doors in the building.

Regular inspections by a competent person will ensure the identification of any defects to the fire door that need to be addressed through maintenance.


In order for the door to be fit for purpose all of the elements of the door need to be assessed and corrected to maintain the integratory of the door set.


  • Correct Fire Rating for the location
  • Correct fitting of closures and hinges
  • Correct Gaps and Seals are present
  • Frames are secure and undamaged
  • Correct intumescent strips
  • Correct type of glazing is used and fitted correctly
  • Correct locks & latches and undamaged
  • Correctly signed doors


DWS Carpentry can carry out fully qualified maintenance for our clients under the BM Trada Scheme. We are independently assessed by a third-party assessor from Exova Warringtonfire every six months in order to maintain our certification.  


Once we’ve completed your fire door maintenance, we recommend that survey & maintenance is carried out every six months. Our highly trained team can carry out any remedial work identified to bring all fire doors up to the required standards.


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With the ever-increasing need for third-party accreditation by clients for fire doors on projects, we obtained our BM Trada (Element) fire door installers certification in early 2018 and have passed all audits with flying colours.

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